Hurricane Ivan and Hurricanes Dennis and Katrina Pensacola Real Estate Information

Hurricanes to be sure cause damage to homes and real estate property. Hurricane Ivan, Dennis, Katrina damaged many a Pensacola home that attracted investors and building contractors of all types looking for work and bargain damaged real estate and homes for sale. 

But there is a flip side, one that for Pensacola and Escambia County residents can be darn comforting. What most people around the country  don't know is that though we have lots of waterfront property much of it is sitting high off the water on huge bluffs. 

A fact not very well known is that most of Pensacola and Escambia County proper has an elevation above sea level well over 75 feet. Unlike the rest of the Gulf Coast, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and virtually all of Florida We average much higher elevations than any other coastal community. Pensacolians are much better protected from hurricanes than any were else in the country.

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The Conclusion, if it is time to retire, move to the South, buy a home near the best beaches in the United States, or for what ever reason, Pensacola is the hurricane and flood proof community to make the purchase of your dreams.

See you soon. 

A Short P.S.

Twenty three years ago I moved my family here from New England and chose Pensacola for many reasons. One of them was I knew that my family would be safe if a major hurricane hit the region. 

I live on the water and lived there through the worse of all these hurricanes that have passed by. 

Guess what, I got myself a new roof thanks to Ivan and that is all. My home has never flooded and I expect it never will God willing. 

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